Prime Choice Physical Therapy

Don’t let pain become your new normal.

Prime Choice Physical Therapy is a self-pay physical therapy clinic that specializes in dry needling, fall-risk reduction, and treating muscular pain across the body following an injury, surgery, accident, or from pain due to a medical condition.

Here are the most common pains we treat:

Back Pain

Approximately 80% of people will experience at least one episode of back pain in their lifetime. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people go to the doctor, miss work, or stop participating in their regular activities. It is the most common condition seen in physical therapy and can have symptoms such as pain in the buttock or legs, nerve pain in the legs, muscle spasms, muscle tension, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. 

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused by repetitive overhead activities, falling, straining to reach for something, lifting something heavy, or improper exercise techniques. Other times, shoulder pain can occur for no apparent reason. The goal is to restore normal mobility and strength to the shoulder and maximize function.

Hip & Glute Pain

Hip pain can be caused by many factors. Often, you may start feeling hip pain for no apparent reason. Sometimes recreation or sports puts repetitive strain on the hip causing pain. Because the hip is a major weight-bearing joint, arthritis of the hip is a common problem. The hip is responsible for such functional activities as walking, running, rising from sitting, and climbing stairs.


Experiencing any of these pains right now?


Restore balance and stability with specialized therapy techniques

Knee Pain

Overcome knee discomfort with evidence-based exercises 

Hand/Wrist Pain

Restore hand and wrist function through targeted exercises


Alleviate chronic headaches through tailored physical therapy approaches

Foot Pain

Enhance mobility and reduce foot discomfort with targeted therapy


Manage osteoarthritis pain, preserve joint function, enhance mobility

Neck Pain

Relieve neck pain, improve posture, and restore mobility

Elbow Pain

Treat tennis/golfer’s elbow, regain function with personalized therapy

Fall Risk

Reduce fall risk, build confidence with balance training program

About Us

Meet Dr. Ayana Graham, PT, DPT

Prime Choice Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Ayana Graham PT, DPT. She was motivated to start this practice in order to provide hands-on, personalized care to each patient as she and the patient sees fit. Not bound to the constraints of the health insurance system; Prime Choice Physical Therapy operates with a fee-for-service model that allows patients the flexibility to schedule appointments as necessary to fit their busy lives. Dr. Graham has a passion for helping those who are tired of going to big clinics and being triple booked and feeling like they are not receiving individualized care.

Prime Choice Physical Therapy Dr. Ayana Graham DPT

Who are our patients? We help people as young as 10 years old for sports injuries and as old as 99, to relieve pain and gain mobility.

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Who Do We Help?

At Prime Choice Physical Therapy, we treat all ages of clientele.

Here are some of the types of patients we see:


Young adult athletes from Wake Forest University, WSSU, and high schools in Winston-Salem, NC


Weekend Warriors who work hard during the week and play hard on the weekend and the injuries that pop up


Medical professionals who are on their feet all day long for work


Corporate professionals with the sitting-all-day desk aches from posture, long meetings and constant typing


Home Services professionals who spend all day building, climbing, hauling and inspecting for their job


Elderly loved ones who are at risk of falling and want to remain in their home as long as possible

How We Work

Unfamiliar with how a self-pay clinic works?

Did you know in North Carolina (and many other states) you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a Physical Therapist? You also can choose who you want to see! We choose to be a self-pay clinic so we can help control costs for our patients and offer better 1:1 care.

See how our self-pay clinic works and our fees & services

Understand how dry needling works and why our patients love this for pain treatment

Happy Clients

“Dr. Graham is fantastic! Before the dry needling, she took the time to talk about my issue, did some stretching and showed me some exercises to do to make my knee stronger. Thanks to her, my knee pain is much better and I would recommend her to anyone with muscle or joint pain. She is also super nice and fun to talk to.”



“I could barely turn my head before coming to see Ayana. I had been to massage therapy and taken a ton of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Those eased the pain for a bit, but never stopped the problem. I have had a significant increase in mobility since visiting. More importantly, my neck doesn’t hurt 24/7 like it did before. I have already mentioned Ayana to a few friends and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”



“Ayana is amazing! I experienced relief from pain I’ve had for over a year after my first session. I can’t wait to go back for more needle therapy. It’s magical!”