Stability Vitality Wellness Program

We help older adults at risk of falling focus on strength + stability so they can continue moving on their own, doing what they love.

This is a fall prevention program that focuses on strength and stability goals for adults at risk of falling. We offer free 15-minute fall risk assessments on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

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Who should come for a free fall-risk assessment?


Anyone 65 years of age or older who want to reduce their risk of falling


Anyone who has fallen in the past year


Anyone who is fearful of falling

What are the warning signs of increased risk of falling?

There are many warning signs that you may notice in yourself or a loved one that may put them at a higher fall risk than usual. Here are just a few of the most common ones our patients notice first:


If they have fallen within the last year.


If an older family member recently rearranged their furniture, so that they can hold onto it while they walk around the house.


If they are tripping frequently or having near falls, where they may lose balance but land in a chair/couch unharmed.


If they hold onto furniture and/or walls to keep themselves steady and prevent them from falling.


If you or your loved ones walking speed has noticeable decreased, it may be a sign of unsteadiness.


A sign for family members to notice is a decrease in performing usual household chores which may include doing the laundry, washing dishes, mowing the yard, cooking for family and other previously enjoyable tasks, this may be a sign of fear of falling.


If they are considering using a cane or walker to help them walk more steadily.

About Our Free Fall-Risk Assessment

What should I expect during the 15-minute visit?

When you first arrive, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about your fall history, medical history and medications. Then we’ll take a look at these things:


We'll do a screen for postural hypotension and we'll take your blood pressure both seated and standing.


We will assess your fall risk with a functional reach challenge.


We will assess your fall risk with a 30-second chair stand.


We will assess your fall risk with a standing balance test in 10-second intervals.


We will assess your fall risk with a timed walking test.

After these four balance assessments, your fall risk score will be calculated by Dr. Ayana Graham, PT, DPT and you will given recommendations to reduce your fall risk based on whether you are determined to have low, medium or high fall risk.

What recommendations do you give based on my score?

Depending on your score, reccomendations may include:  home modifications, a physical therapy evaluation at Prime Choice Physical Therapy, PT/OT evaluation at another clinic, eye doctor evaluation, pharmacist/primary care doctor to review medications, neurologist, Prime Choice Physical Therapy home exercise program, an invitation to join our Stability Vitality Wellness Program at Prime Choice Physical Therapy or a high five and a “keep on keeping on.”

The Stability Vitality Program

The 8-week Stability Vitality Program at Prime Choice Physical Therapy is a specialized program aimed at reducing fall risk and enhancing overall well-being in older adults. Through a combination of strength training, flexibility exercises, and balance drills, participants work to improve their stability and vitality, enabling them to maintain independence and vitality in their daily lives. Led by Dr. Ayana Graham PT, DPT, a trusted fall risk specialist, this program offers personalized attention and evidence-based strategies to enhance safety and quality of life.

How Does Our 8-Week Program Work?

Fall Prevention Goals

The goal of the program is to prevent falls and decrease participants’ fall risk, by increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, and standing balance.

We will also educate participants in other ways to decrease other environmental fall risk factors. While the goal of the program is to decrease falls, we will primarily focus on stability and vitality, so our participants aren’t continually thinking about falls. 

Book a free fall risk assessment below or call our office at 336-529-1682 or email Dr. Ayana Graham at

Weekly Schedule

The Vitality Stability Wellness Program includes 50 minute classes 2x per week, for 8 weeks, in a small group format with a max of 4 people per class. 

The classes will focus on strength, flexibility, endurance,  and balance.

Each patient will be encouraged to participate in an active hobby at least one day per week outside of the twice-per-week classes.

What to Expect During Class

Each participant in the program will have one one-on-one attention during static and dynamic balance training to allow for increased safety with more involved balance challenges, supervised by Dr. Ayana Graham, PT, DPT. 

During the classes we will work through these balance challenges to help each participant become more stable:

  • Stair climbing
  • Stepping over obstacles
  • Turning around
  • Walking on uneven surfaces such as grass and/or sand
  • Feeling confident walking in high walking traffic areas
  • Reaching and bending
  • Recovering your balance after someone bumps into you

Participants will be challenged in maintaining stability while distracted.

Will Dr. Ayana come on site to my churches/communities senior ministry/group?

Yes, email me at to set up a time on the calendar.  A minimum of  8-10 participants signed up  is needed to keep calendar time.

Will Dr. Ayana come to an individual person's house for a fall risk screen/evaluation

No, PCPT does not make house calls or do home health physical therapy.

Do you have to be screened to join the stability vitality wellness program

Yes, Dr. Ayana needs to see your current balance and mobility level to know if you will be a good fit for the class.