A self pay physical therapy and dry needling clinic.

We Are Accepting New Patients!
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A self pay physical therapy and dry needling clinic.

We Are Accepting New Patients!
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What to expect with your initial evaluation?

Upon scheduling your initial appointment, you will receive an email that includes intake forms and questionnaires to complete online prior to appointment. If for some reason you cannot fill out the paperwork online no worries, just come to your appointment about 15 minutes early and you can fill out the paperwork.

On your first appointment the evaluation will consist of an interview portion where you will be asked questions about your injury to better diagnose your injury, the second part of your evaluation will be the examination portion. During this portion, the following may be done if appropriate, special tests, Range of motion, manual muscle testing, joint mobility testing, palpation, cranial nerve and dermatome testing, reflex testing. Following the testing you will be given a full plan of care and a home exercise program will be reviewed with you, mobilizations/manipulations may be performed on initial visit if necessary.

Some of the Evidence Based Therapeutic Treatments We Offer:

All of the interventions performed are based from evidence based research put into practice to provide each client with the highest quality of care.

Therapeutic Exercise/ Home Exercise Program

The home exercise program (HEP) is very important, each patient will be given an individualized plan with frequency specified to each person and their injury. Patients’ HEP will be updated periodically throughout the patient’s plan of care. Client will receive electronic or printed copy of HEP depending on client preference. Therapeutic exercises can include flexibility, strengthening, and stabilization exercises. Home exercise program and treatment can also include balance and gait training for improved patient outcomes.

The physical therapist at Prime Choice Physical Therapy is trained in mobilization and manipulation techniques for the spine and extremities. Joint mobilization involves loosening up a restricted joint and increasing its range of motion by providing gently passive movement to a joint in ways patients cannot move the joint themselves, joint manipulation is a technique to restore the gliding movement of joints that often results in an audible “pop”. Both mobilization and manipulation can result in immediate improvements in pain and range of motion.
Dry Needling With Electrical Stimulation

Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Dry needling can inhibit the transmission of pain signals in our spinal cord, reduce inflammation and promote the release of the body’s own pain-relieving chemicals.  It is a common misconception that dry needling is like acupuncture.  Although the tool we use is similar in that it is a very thin needle, the evaluation process, treatment and goals of the technique are very different from acupuncture.  Our physical therapist will fully evaluate the function of your neuromuscular system to determine what tissues are contributing to your painful limitations and apply the dry needling techniques to improve healing, decrease pain and increase your ability to perform activities without limitations. https://www.choosept.com/health-centers/dry-needling 

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

This intervention utilizes Stainless steel instruments that allow clinicians to detect and affect scar and fascial restrictions,  increase blood flow to the area, cause re-organization of scar tissue, facilitate ligament healing, and reduce increased muscle tone. A trained clinician will use a specially designed tool to help assist with treatment over areas within the muscle, tendon or scar tissue. Patients can expect improvement of function after one to four treatments. Patients with a wide variety of symptoms related to chronic pain, muscle spasm or scar tissue buildup may benefit from IASTM.

Myofascial Cupping

The benefits of cupping include local pain relief and muscle relaxation. Cupping also improves
overall health by increasing blood flow to a particular muscle region and releasing myofascial
restrictions throughout the body. The results are reduced pain and tension. Cupping is a highly
effective treatment when incorporated in a program, which includes manual therapy, massage
and myofascial release techniques. It is quick, effective and a pain free option to help reduce
myofascial pain symptoms.

Meet the Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Ayana Graham, PT, DPT, DN.CERT

She has over 6 years of experience as a physical therapist and is passionate about helping
others regain physical functions, decreasing pain to allow them to live the best life possible.
Read more about her in the about us tab.

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